The Weed Eliminator VC

What to expect....

Testimonials from satisfied operators and vineyard owners. 

Look for us in the American Vineyard magazine this October, November and December issues. 

A special thank you to those who came out to see us at the Grape, Raisin, and Nut Expo at the Big Fresno Fairgrounds.  Thanks as well to Malcolm Media for sponsoring the event.



The Weed Eliminator

New Photos!!!

These photographs display just how beautiful a clean vineyard row can be using The Weed Eliminator once every 20 to 30 days.  Notice the green fertilizer row and how well maintained the irrigation furrows are for the most efficient water use.  Not a weed in between the vines either.  Herbicide use will not give you results like this. 

New Photos Below!!!

Important News!!!

A representative from the magazine, American Vineyard, visited a site where The Weed Eliminator vineyard cultivator was working.  Watch for us in an upcoming issue.