Read about the many advantages of using The Weed Eliminator in your vineyard weed control program.

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Find out a little about the invention of The Weed Eliminator, and see the results of using this revolutionary piece of equipment.

Find out how you can start reaping the benefits of using The Weed Eliminator, and get one yourself.

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A "green" solution to vineyard weed management

Reduction in herbicide use.

UC Davis studies have concluded that regular cultivation of vineyard rows results in an 80% reduction of weed growth.  With The Weed Eliminator, you can improve on the percentage even more and virtually eliminate the need for harmful herbicides.  Imagine putting that money back in your pocket and reducing your overall cost per acre. 

The Weed Eliminator VC

Better for the environment.

With regular use of The Weed Eliminator, your vines will need less passes, requiring you to use less fuel.  In addition, you will reduce soil toxicity, increase moisture retention, and reduce your carbon footprint.  The Weed Eliminator is an eco-friendly and organic alternative to continued herbicide use.





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Introducing The Weed Eliminator VC, an innovative approach to weed management and cultivation.


The Weed Eliminator

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